Why is sitting hurting your back?

You are probably aware by now that too much sitting is bad for you, but do you know why it’s such a pain in the back?

There are a few key factors that may contribute to your back hurting whilst you’re relaxing in your chair.

Take the time to read and reflect on these pointers, and give the strategies a go!

  • Your low back is rounding out in the chair:
  • Try rolling up a towel and placing it in the arch of your low back
  • Your upper back is bent over your desk:
  • Pull your shoulders and head back. Move your mouse and keyboard closer
  • Your knees sit lower than your hips:
  • Either lower your seat or use a foot rest to get your knees at parallel height to your hips
  • Your legs are crossed
  • Uncross them…
  • You are sitting on one buttock more than the other
  • Sit on both buttocks evenly
  • Your printer is too far away that you have to twist and lean to reach
  • Move your printer or other devices closer OR move them further away so you actually have to get up out of your chair to get them.
  • You are sitting for too long!
  • Stand every 30min. Put a timer or reminder on your computer. Stand up, put your hands on your hips and stretch your upper body back, chest out for a moment.
  • Walk around for a minute and then sit back down.

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