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Holistic Practice Philosophy

High Road Chiropractic Centre is a holistic focused clinic, where all new patients are welcome!

The founder Dr Warren Dick, has a drive to see all his patients achieve their fullest health potential. Dr Warren Dick is the Riverton Chiropractor easily located at the intersection of High Road & Wavel Avenue, diagonally opposite to the IGA shopping center.

Dr Warren is passionate about seeing you, the patient, achieve optimal health and freedom from pain. From relief care to corrective care, through simple, effective and thorough treatment programs.



This includes EFTPOS for payment of any gap fee that may be required.

High Road Chiropractic Centre is proud to accept and work with veteran’s affairs.

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    Gentle, Effective Treatment for All Ages

    The Clinic is close to public train and bus services. The Bull Creek train station and the bus stop for 179 or 508, 509 is only a short distance from the clinic, or you can take the Bus 98 (Circle Route) which has a designated stop at Vahland Road which is a 10-minute walk away.

    We believe in supporting other businesses.

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