Text Neck; Headaches; Migraines; Neck Pain

Is Text Neck Only The Beginning?

High Road Chiropractic Clinic is seeing a rising number of upper limb issues (tendonitis; myositis; arthritis and neuritis) relating to the use of hand held devices (such as mobile phones; tablets) in addition to our text neck cases.

We would like to draw your attention to this trend and hopefully a timely warning to be aware of your body posture (neck and arms) when using these devices to avoid becoming a victim yourself.

Whether you’re spending much time texting or conducting any other business on your phone, the impact on your neck and arm after even a few minutes can cause you a series of issues. Issues that you may feel today or years down the road.

Being aware of this fact is the first step to correcting the issue. The second step involves spending less time on your smartphone, and raising it to eye level when you do need to access it. Problems created by this can be helped by your chiropractor, remember to see them for help.

Remember that it is always better and easier to prevent an issue than it is to treat it.

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