Sciatica / Pinched Nerve / Slipped Disc

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is nerve pain that radiates (runs) along the sciatic nerve. The nerve starts in the lower back and passes through the buttocks, posterior thigh, outside back of the calf and into the foot. ​

Sciatic nerve pain is often felt at the top of the nerve in the low back, sometimes following the path of the nerve in the leg to the foot, and may occur in either or both legs. ​

Sciatic pain may occur in only part of the nerve path rather than all of it i.e. pain in lower back and foot but no pain in between. ​

The pain is a result of irritation of the nerve itself either from direct injury or secondary to pain generated by tissues very close to the nerve. ​

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People May Suffer Sciatica Pain Differently

Pain areas:

in the lower back and/or buttock and/or hip and/or leg

Pain types:

can be mild, severe, radiating, aching or sharp

Pain circumstances:

can occur following an injury, or for no apparent reason


there may be leg numbness or pins and needles

Also common:

burning sensation, foot numbness, limping or muscle weakness. The pain may cause the sufferer to stand or walk in a stooped or sideways leaning posture


The pain can be felt in the lower back and/or buttock and/or hip and/or leg/foot. Pain typically affects only one side of the body though may occur on both sides at the same time.

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Treatment depends on the cause.

Seeing Dr Warren to determine the cause of your episode of Low Back / Sciatica Pain is the first step to sorting out your problem.

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Supportive Care

Ice pack: Reduces inflammation and dulls the sensation of pain.

Exercise: To maintain or improve joint mobility and muscle tone once sufficient healing has taken place.


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