Any disruption of the complex relationship between muscles, spine and nerves can result in headaches; of which there are many types (Reference).

Approximately 80%

of the population suffer from occasional tension-type headaches and up to 3% suffer from chronic tension-type headaches (Reference).

Headaches are not normal. They are an indication that something is not right!

Common types of headaches include:




Many people spend a lot of money on “over the counter” medications each year to treat headaches, while these drugs often can reduce the discomfort being felt, they may not treat the underlying cause.

How Can My Chiropractor Help With Headaches?

Good News! Most common forms of headaches respond to chiropractic care.​

Dr Warren (Chiro) at the High Road Chiropractic Centre in Riverton has over 30 years’ experience in helping people who experience headache and migraine pain. After a careful, extensive examination, Dr Warren’s aim is to identify the underlying cause which may include spinal misalignments, nerve interference and muscle tension. With this new information, you can choose to have chiropractic adjustments, aimed at helping the situation.

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What Can Happen If My Headaches Go Untreated?

If you are starting to get headaches and haven’t had them before you should get yourself checked. If you are prone to headaches returning time and time again, you also need to get yourself checked. Remember, headaches may also be indicative of other serious conditions that require immediate attention.

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