Text Neck

Text Neck

Text neck, Smartphone neck, iPhone neck or Android neck. (These are not official medical diagnoses).

Regular use of your smartphone may lead to preventable neck/posture problems in the cervical spine that are created by prolonged use of a cell phone, tablet or similar hand-held electronic device.

Using small electronic devices generally means you spend a lot of time with your head bent forward. The problem is – this head action actually takes place in your neck.

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“When you hold your body in an abnormal position, it can increase stress on the muscles, cause fatigue, muscle spasms, and even headaches” says

Dr Warren, Chiropractor at High Road Chiropractic in Riverton WA.

What Causes Text Neck?

When in an upright posture, when the ears are aligned with the centre of your shoulders, the weight of the average head exerts approximately 10-12lbs of force through the muscles of the neck. But when your head is moved forward by one (1) inch, away from this neutral position, the weight of your head dramatically increases. Refer Here.

Approximately 6 times as much force can be generated !!! That is the same weight as an average 8 year old, or six Ten-pin bowling balls!!!

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Signs & Symptoms

Instant upper back or neck pain when using a handheld device

Nagging or sharp pain in the neck or shoulders at the end of the day

General shoulder pain and tightness

Intermittent or constant headache made worse when looking down or using the computer

nerve related symptoms such as radiating pain, numbness, tingling and/or burning in one or both arms.

How To Prevent Text Neck

Perhaps the best strategy for mitigating the effects of device usage on your neck is to raise your viewing angle. For this, there are a few things to try.

You can put the tablet on a stand or on a table. If you must work with it on your lap, consider propping it up with a pillow.

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High Road Chiropractic offers common sense approaches to avoiding text neck such as getting and staying physically fit and taking regular breaks from your device. Both strategies are excellent.

You may also consider engaging with a posture exercise program.

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