High Road Chiropractic Centre Riverton is a chiropractic centre which has a very warm welcoming appeal, with staff that also portray this atmosphere - a place that always has a smile! 
Our chiropractor, Dr Warren Dick , has approximately 35 plus years of experience in assisting people of all ages to improve their health / problems through chiropractic care. 
We look forward to welcoming you to the Chiropractic Centre Riverton, where you will also meet our family-friendly staff, greeting you with that 'smile'.
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Monday          7am to 7pm

Tuesday          7am to 7pm

Wednesday    7am to 7pm

Thursday        7am to 7pm

Friday              7am to 7pm

Saturday         7am to 12 noon

Sunday           On Call / Online

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Since 2008 High Road Chiropractic, Riverton WA 6148 

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